A gas station robbery was foiled on Saturday in Hackettstown because the station attendant could not understand the armed robber who then left to get pizza.


Matthew Davis, 20, of Independence Township has been arrested and charged with criminal attempt and robbery, the Hackettstown Police Dept. says.

At 7:38 p.m. on Saturday Davis went to a BP gas station and asked the attendant to use his phone because his car broke down.  When the attendant returned to the booth Davis approached with his hand under his sweatshirt and stated several times, “This is a robbery give me the money,” police say.

After the attendant stated several times, “I don’t understand” he took his phone back and then Davis stated “Never mind I’m going to a pizza place.”

A reverse search of the phone number dialed led the officers to Davis’ residence where he was arrested and brought to Warren County Correctional Facility.

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