Most people who have strangers in their homes are vigilant about making sure they’re honest, come with references and just generally seem to be on the up and up. Every once in a while, the worst happens and you notice something amiss— usually, in the form of something broken or missing. But how many people actually think about cameras? Would it ever occur to you to check to see if a hidden camera was planted in your home? I can’t imagine a creepier scenario, yet that’s exactly what happened in Ridgewood, where a man has been arrested for hiding a camera in a woman’s home, aimed directly at her bed.

According to an article on, a handyman named Jose Lema, of West Orange, 44, faces burglary and attempt to commit invasion of privacy for allegedly planting the camera. Police charged Lema after a three week investigation after the victim found the hidden camera and alerted authorities.

I’ve never thought to look around for a camera hidden amongst all of the clutter in my home, but there would be a thousand places to hide one if someone wanted to. What about you? So next time a stranger is in your home for any reason, you better look around after he’s gone. You never know when you’ll be on camera.

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