Sunday nights can be scary before the work week, begins but Monday and Tuesday are when employees are the most productive, according to a new Accountemps survey.

Metro market manager Dora Onyschak said 29% of workers surveyed said they are more productive on a Monday, edging out Tuesday at 27%. After Hhump day (20%), worker productivity takes a dip — 13% of employees said they do their best work on Thursdays and, surprise, the least productive day of the week is Friday at 11%.

Onyschak said when a person walks into the office on Monday, there's more pressure to get things done. And hopefully, an employee is recharged from the weekend.

Onyschak said many professionals accomplish more work at the start of the day. 75% are most productive in the morning, compared to 2% who like to get work done at lunchtime or burn the midnight oil.

In the morning, there are deadlines a person has to meet, so there's more focus, Onyschak  said. As the day goes on, a worker may go to lunch, then get a little tired and start thinking about other things, such as what to have for dinner.

As far as office space is concerned, 38% of younger workers like working in an open office. Telecommuting was a close second choice for them. Older workers — aged 55 and older — prefer an office space and more closed spaces.

The survey also asked workers about the single biggest distraction that impacts productivity during the workday. Topping list was chatty coworkers (at 32%_, followed by office noise (22%), unnecessary conference calls and meetings (20%), cell phone use (15%) and unnecessary emails (11%).

Onyschak said the "Sunday Scaries" happen when anxiety sneaks in on a Sunday before the start of the work week. To ease some of that anxiety, she suggested protecting your time at work, prioritizing projects. Know when your most productive day is during the work week and do more important tasks on that day. Unplug on the weekends, she said.

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