How burnt out are you at work? A new survey from Robert Half finds U.S. workers reported their level of burnout to be 5.6 on a scale of 1 to 10 — with 10 being completely burned out.

Dora Onyschak, Robert Half metro market manager in Central Jersey, said the top causes for worker burnout is constant are interruptions and and "fires" that need putting out. She also said no room for growth, long hours and unmanageable workloads are other causes for worker burnout.

Younger workers feel the most burned out, reporting their level of burnout to be 6.2 on the scale of 1 to 10. Onyschak said she believes younger workers have a different work-life balance than older workers, meaning they enjoy socializing more after-hours and on weekends.

Onyschak said managers need to look for signs their staffs are overworked to help them. Signs could be missed deadlines or working a lot of overtime. Managers need to meet with employees, see if they can get a better sense of their workloads and help employees prioritize, she said.

Workers need to manage their stress and burnout as well, she said.. They need to protect their time so that they stay organized and meet their task deadlines. Also, they need to speak up if there's too much work on their plate, she said.

Another good way to avoid burnout is stepping away from the desk every now and then. Take a break, even if it's just a couple of minutes to go for a walk or grab a snack.

"Sometimes walking away from the desk is the best reset button that you have," added Onyschak.

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