Human resources consulting firm Robert Half asked workers across the country if they felt appreciated at work. Regional Central Jersey Manager Dora Onyschak said there's great news.

The survey found that 80% of workers said they did feel like they mattered in the eyes of their bosses.

"That's a huge number," said Onyschak.

What makes employees feel most appreciated? Onyschak said it's no surprise that 54% of employees said more money is the best way employers can show their appreciation followed by a promotion. Other acceptable forms of appreciation include praise from their manager, extra time off or being treated to lunch or dinner.

When it comes to monetary value, Onyschak said it's not always about the big bucks. Employees appreciate small monetary amounts like maybe a $20 gift card.

Onyschak also said the survey found that appreciation should be all year long and not the one or two times that it's recognized on the calendar each year. So maybe an employer can send out an email to the team, publicizing someone's achievement if they went the extra mile. Let the employee be the one to show off they're going to present the results of something.

Employers need to really learn about their employees, she added. Not all employees feel comfortable with public praise. Some are very embarrassed by it. So she suggested that during a performance review, a manager needs to find out what makes their workers feel appreciated.

If an employee does not feel appreciated, they should toot their own horn a bit by providing project and work updates to an employer. For example, if a project deadline is on a Friday and an employee gets it done on a Wednesday, it's a good idea to let a manager know that he or she worked ahead to beat the deadline.

Also, talk about it in a review meeting. Let a manager know if he or she does not feel appreciated and offer ways in which one can be appreciated.

"Also be willing to share ideas and propose solutions so that people can see you more and provide you with that recognition for what you're doing," Onyschak said.

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