New Jersey women employed full time in the state's workforce last year earned on average 81.6 percent of the median wages of men in the state. But the findings don't necessarily mean that there is employment discrimination.

Federal Labor Department Economist Bruce Bergman says that average income of 82 cents for women versus men in the state has remained about the same since 2004.

Bergman says the feds' numbers show that even though there is a disparity, both men and women in New Jersey are highly paid compared to many other parts of the country, a median of $929 a week for women and $1,138 a week for men.

"In considering that New Jersey has one of the highest-paid states for men, the fact that women are at that same percentage difference as they are nationally, I think that says something," he said.

"There are other states like New York that are somewhat above, tend to be somewhat above the national ratio. And there are other states like Pennsylvania that are somewhat below. A lot of that has to do with the occupations and the industries that women are in in those states."

Bergman also pointed out that the measurements of income for men and women in New Jersey is for those engaged in full-time employment, defined as at least 35 hours of employment weekly.

"Our latest statistics show that about 75 percent of women are employed full time," he said.

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