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While it's probably easier to point to more high-profile cases of prominent men cheating on their wives, there's plenty of women cheating too.

A 2011 study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University finds that infidelity rates between the sexes is pretty much the same at this point. The study finds that 23 percent of men admitted to being unfaithful versus 19 percent of women. And while men and women are neck in neck now, it's possible that women could surpass men in the years to come. The 2013 General Social Survey by the National Opinion Research Center finds that while the infidelity rate among men has remained flat in the last 20 years, it has soared by nearly 40 percent among women.

So why are more women cheating today than they were decades ago?

For starters, women are making their own money now, leaving many of them to feel empowered to have an affair. If the affair dissolves their marriage, women these days know they can at least financially care for themselves, something that was less likely in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Money isn't the only reason though why women are straying. Some of them are having affairs in order to save their marriages.

An article published by CNN last month takes a look at cheating among women and finds that while they are still in love with their husbands and have no intention of leaving them, they simply aren't getting the attention they desire — whether it be emotionally, sexually or both.

Another common thread among those quoted in the CNN article is the resentment women feel toward their husbands thanks to the unbalance in what is called invisible labor — things that women do behind the scenes to keep the family unit functioning. Many women said they are resentful that they, and not their husbands, are expected to carry the mental load in the relationship. For some, they just want a little something that is theirs and has nothing to do with their kids, their husband, or the household. And it's the affair that gives them that little something.

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