This video has more questions than answers. Twitter user Ashley Mass saw something unusual at the train station in Short Hills and she shared a video. Seems the bad weather brought a flood to the tunnel that goes under the tracks to a parking lot.

A well-dressed man in a suit, perhaps heading for an important meeting, or perhaps just fussy, didn’t seem to want to get his legs soaked. When suddenly the cavalry arrives in the form of a woman. She gives him her back and up he climbs. Piggyback style, she carries him out of view and through the raging flood waters of the tunnel.


I’m going to have to assume they were together. Is there any chance a total stranger offered to carry a grown man through the tunnel so he didn’t get his pants wet? My guess is she was waiting in the parking lot when he called her saying she needed to come through this mess and carry him like a good wife. We’re all dying to know the backstory to this awkward scene. This video has already been viewed about 600,000 times. If anyone knows who this guy is I’d like to buy him a pair of boots.

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