Newark, New Jersey's larges city, is locking down parts of its economy amid a surge in coronavirus. Is the rest of the state next? Gov. Phil Murphy isn't shying away from the possibility.

While New Jersey continues to see a spike in the number of positive COVID tests, fewer than 1,000 people are hospitalized. Less than 200 are in intensive care. Less than 100 are on ventilators. For the 9th day in a row, state health officials are reporting more than 1,000 new positive cases of coronavirus.

How many New Jersey businesses will fail as a result of the economic devastation brought on by Murphy's earlier shutdown of the state economy and continuing restrictions? Add CKO kickboxing to the list. The Sussex County fitness center once had about 200 members. Now, there are only about 20.

New Jersey health officials say they aim to have 70% of the state vaccinated for COVID-19 once a vaccine becomes available, but acknowledge many are still wary of vaccine safety.

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