Welcome to Forever 39, New Jersey 101.5's new podcast about living life as Gen Xers in New Jersey, hosted by Annette Petriccione, Megan Barsel and lots of our friends from the NJ 101.5 universe.

Annette is single, while Megan is married. Both of us have a wide social circle of friends and family, dealing with so many different issues, just like you.

We're embracing what’s to come as we enter our 40s, while always staying young, cool and in touch. We hope in 20 or 30 minutes each week, you'll come to think of us as great new friends. We'll discuss relationships, celebrities, health and wellness, navigating life here in New Jersey and ... well, anything else!

Hit us up on at @NJ1015 on Twitter, using the hashtag #Forever39, or find us on Facebook. You can also email us at forever39@nj1015.com.

Turning 40 — Older and wiser?

We kick off our first episode with look at the things we've been able to let go of now that we're 40 (ish), and the things we wished we knew when we were 20! Don't we all have things we wished we knew 10 or 15 years earlier?

We share some of the traps we all manage to get caught in, as well as perhaps remind you of just how far you have really come in this world. We'd love for you to reach out to us and let us know what resonated with your life.

To give, or not to give?

Our second topic explores adult gift giving — Is it a do or a don't? We learn Annette is struggling to make sense of giving gifts to friends and family in her life that have everything they could already want or need. Have you struggled with the same thing? Take our poll:

Getting dumped — it's not just for couples

Relationship experts say mid-December is the time most people get dumped by a significant other! But what about getting dumped by a college friend or family member? Have you had to let go of your BFF or have they let go of you? Our third topic takes a look at just how difficult this can be for some people and we both share some personal stories about what's happened to us.

Share your thoughts on all of them, on Twitter, on Facebook or at forever39@nj1015.com.

— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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