What is prom with no dancing?

A number of New Jersey school districts are pushing forward with plans for prom and graduation for the Class of 2021.

During the early stages of the pandemic a year ago, both were canceled amidst the growing health emergency. A year later, most plans remain in limbo.

For now, outdoor gatherings are still capped at 200 and social distancing rules remain in effect. Gov. Phil Murphy has promised to update guidance with "an eye toward proms and graduations," and suggests he will further ease restrictions but has yet to do so.

A potential fallout from ongoing restrictions could be a ban on dancing at prom. Murphy again mentioned during his COVID briefing Wednesday that he would probably expand capacity in time for proms and graduations but did not talk about allowing dancing.

Clearview Regional High School Principal Keith Brook sent a letter to students and parents saying he was hopeful they could hold prom this year but the event would not include dancing. That kind of close contact, even with a mask, is not permitted under current pandemic restrictions.

Even without dancing, the situation is better than last year when everything was canceled. Still, some seniors are disappointed. Clearview senior Carly Poley told WPVI-TV their "prom" would basically be a big dinner.

"We can eat and drink but we are not allowed to dance — it's against the rules."

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