Cops have among the most difficult jobs in the nation.  Not only patrolling crime ridden areas of our cities, but also making decisions that involve life and death.

Regardless of your emotional reaction to the video's released in Tulsa OK, we don't have all the facts.  We don't know why the man was headed away from police despite commands to the contrary according to the cops lawyers.  We don't know whether he was reaching into his SUV and what his intentions were at the time.  More importantly we don't know what police officers thought his intentions were while they had their service weapons trained on him.

Questions like this will be answered as the investigation develops.  Until then, keep your emotions in check.  We should be outraged at the knee-jerk emotional and violent reaction in Charlotte after police shot an armed man.  Has that violence that is leaving innocent people traveling and living in Charlotte fearing for their safety spreading to NJ?

Perhaps the Tulsa cop did the wrong thing and will be prosecuted like the officer originally from New Jersey who shot an unarmed man in South Carolina.  Or perhaps the evidence in the Tulsa case will exonerate her.

How are these incidents tied to New Jersey? A Long Branch cop was attacked while responding to a call this week. He was knocked unconscious and founds by other officers. Was this just a random attack or more retribution against the police?

Until we know more details, violence in the streets and anti-police actions are counter productive and dangerous to everyone.

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