There is no shortage of hypocrites in the crazy world we live in today. But when one man controls the destiny, livelihood, mental and general health, and he acts is such a transparently pandering, hypocritical way, such as our governor, it's sickening.

After weeks of discouraging protesters, dismissing those at gatherings as "knuckleheads" and even letting local police ticket organizers, Murphy had the balls to stand shoulder to shoulder in a march on Sunday for Black Lives Matter. The optics are not lost on many New Jerseyans suffering under his prolonged state of emergency orders, which have wreaked havoc on their lives and the state's economy as a whole.

People couldn't attend their own loved ones' funerals, see their parents and grandparents, or watch their kids finish and graduate from school. But he can attend a march with hundreds, if not thousands of people. Plus, thousands of others were allowed to gather and march in protests around the state on Saturday. Where were his armed officers writing them citations and threatening their livelihoods? Right, standing by watching!

What's even more disgusting and depressing than watching this obvious pandering spectacle, most people in this state think he's doing a good job and might very well re-elect him to a second term next year. We should all seriously be concerned about our future here. If not for our own sake, but for that of our children and grandchildren. The future can't be good with this kind of lack of leadership and hypocrisy.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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