‘That’s all she wrote’ as the cliché goes. On Monday we witnessed the end of the Republican Party in New Jersey. Think that sounds dramatic? Or an exaggeration? Nope. #Truth. For a brief moment after I got a text from my friend Jon Bramnick, who is the elected minority leader in the NJ General Assembly, I thought there was hope. He sent me a video of his speech on the Assembly floor decrying the support for an organization, which is affiliated with at least one convicted terrorist and publicly praises the domestic terrorist who was convicted of murdering a New Jersey State Trooper. This in addition to the rioting, looting, calls to defund the police, assaults on police officers and the desecration of our nation’s historical monuments. Black Lives Matter is quite a group, dontcha think?

I thought at the very least, the NJGOP could unite to oppose the Democratic legislature and Governor’s attempt to praise these radicals by awarding a special day to honor them. When I watched the video that Jon sent me I was all positive. Of course the “July 13th” bill passed, which was no surprise, but at least someone stood in public opposition. So the question wasn’t asked during the exchange with Jon…how many votes for and how many against?

When I arrived at the studio Tuesday morning, ready to praise the courageous opposition, it was time to review the roll call with Eric Scott. Shocked doesn’t begin to describe my reaction. The NJGOP and their elected officials have been a constant course of disappointment ever since they supported raising taxes to provide cover for one of the most divisive and ineffective Governors in NJ history, Chris Christie. But there I was, looking over a list of 8 Republicans who voted with the majority to honor a group responsible for some of the worst cop-hating and racist rhetoric and violent actions which have shut down parts of cities across the nation. Then our attention turned to the “0” representing all of the ‘NO” votes. ZERO! The remaining twenty Republicans didn’t even have the courage to vote NO. They all passed on voting.

So there you have it. Complicit Republicans voting with the majority in order to curry some favor from the same party which has run the state’s economy into the ground. And 20 Republicans so afraid of being attacked on social media and in campaign ads that they cowardly hid under the bed and didn’t vote. If you have given any money to any member of the Republicans Assembly Caucus, please reconsider. They are cowards and have betrayed the very principles of public service. It’s time for independent voices to stand up and be counted.

Remember, the radicals in BLM have stolen the narrative to fit their own anti-cop agenda.  They’ve taken advantage of so many desperate people of color who suffer under mismanagement and violence in our cities. All by the way, run by Democrats. I have spoken out many times that people of color are not anti-cop and cops are not targeting people of color. Actually my experience in the cities show that the opposite is true. Families know that if you can’t safely walk your kid to school or open your corner store without fear of gangs, drugs and violence, you can never achieve equality let alone prosperity.

BLM feeds on the justifiable outrage over the conditions in many minority communities. They used the death of George Floyd to force companies and politicians into submission to their radical agenda. And Republicans in New Jersey opened the door and let it happen.  Let me be clear, the way back to equality and prosperity is through capitalism and support for civil liberties. And that is only possible with strong local policing.

Look at the mess NYC is devolving into. Seattle, Chicago, all exploding in violence and death. And BLM cries for more attacks on police departments. It’s literally the opposite of what communities need to survive and thrive. And the media and political elite refuse to acknowledge the real suffering. Instead they focus on doing and saying anything that will keep the heat of social media off their backs. This is not leadership. It’s cowardly submission to propaganda. And it’s gotta stop if we are going to move forward as a state and nation. Those responsible for bowing to the anti-American radicals need to be held accountable. This starts now.

For me, I’m staying a registered Republican. Partly to annoy the current crop of GOP cowards and part because third parties don’t work in America. We need to take back the NJGOP vehicle with independent minded, patriotic, free-market thinking people who represent the working and middle class. Enough with the elites deciding who wins and who starves in our cities and in our business community. Enough of the propaganda about how we have to be in perpetual shutdown in order to stop a virus. Enough of the false narrative that our cops are all racist. I’ve had enough. Have you?

Whether you are black, white, Republican, Democrat, poor or well off, join me as we fight to take back our state and our country. The current GOP is dead. It shouldn’t come back. Instead, we need to change it the way Trump changed the national GOP, by throwing out the elites who had their own interests in mind. The elites who lined their own pockets while your taxes went through the roof and you struggled to make ends meet. The elites who can easily quarantine in their mansions while their investments earn them money. The elites who haven’t done an honest days work in a long time. The elites who currently occupy Trenton need to be tossed out like tea in the Boston Harbor. Are you ready?

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