This is where I put our stories into sarcastic perspective.

 VIDEO SHOWS WOMAN BEING PUNCHED BY WILDWOOD COPS... I'm seeing, "Welcome to Wildwood, Stop Resisting" tee shirts, mugs, and bumper stickers all along the boardwalk. Imagine if they set this to Bobby Rydell's Wildwood Days.

"Late Night's Seth Meyers on NJ Pooperintendent"... The things people will do to get on Seth Meyers... Lucy Ricardo laughs at him!... This could be a new late night feature, "Stupid Dump Tricks."

Starbucks To Close over 8000 Stores for Anti Bias Training... When they reopen there will be a special on "Compassion Coffee" with a "latte" sensitivity.

Millennials Find Casinos Depressing... especially when they lose...

Ouch! Stinging Jellyfish make their return to the Jersey Shore... so if you go into the water to get away from the green heads, guess what's waiting for you! BTW- what a great name for a Jersey Shore bar band!

Most Workers Refuse to Unplug While on Vacation... Yet they have no trouble unplugging during March Madness...

Craig Allen's Neighborhood Tractor Race Results... Just in time for legalized sports betting...

Whale Caught Leaping Out Of Water off Coast of Long Branch... If he makes it to the beach, we'll give him the in state tuition rate.

Moving? Here's the Politically Correct Way to Label Your Boxes... Personally, I find boxes offensive... too much labeling.

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