That's right, the education bureaucrats and local officials are coming for more of your money. They will tell you it's for security and infrastructure. They'll tell you that you need an all-day kindergarten. And that you should be happy to pay more, after all, it's only a few more dollars every month right? They'll tell you it's for new school buildings.

What they won't tell you is how they have been prioritizing all the money they already take from you. What they won't tell you is why they allowed so much over-development in the first place. What they won't tell you is how a building should cost more than 70 million dollars.

In Florence, the Lumberton district, it's less than $25 million, so what are you complaining about? But make no mistake, in the highest taxed state in America, your taxes will be going up even more.

In Hillsborough, they want all day kindergarten and in Monroe, they want close to $150 million for a new middle school and an addition to the high school.

Question you have to ask yourself, is when is enough, enough? How much more can they take before you have your exit plan? How many times can they keep coming back to you for more? Why do you have to prioritize between food, entertainment, car payments and paying for your kids when the bureaucrats don't have to do the same?

A 'YES' vote means higher taxes and the continuation of the same irresponsible behavior that has us in this mess.

A 'NO' vote shows that we can fight back. It shows that we're willing to ignore the pleas from the bureaucrats to "think of the children". It will show that we're ready, willing and able to hold the local politicians accountable to protect our investment.

Let's change health and pension benefits before we spend any additional money. Let's stop the abuse by superintendents making thousands in perks and bonuses to get around the salary caps. Let's find out which construction firms and lawyers are benefiting from your money and their political connections. Let's simply say NO. #NotOneMoreDollar. We can fix NJ, but not if we keep doing the same thing year after year.

Here's information on each of the proposed spending questions:

Information on Florence Township Referendum - click HERE.

Information on Hillsborough Referendum - click HERE.

Information on Monroe Township Referendum - click HERE.

And here's a guide to find your polling location:

Florence Township polling locations - click HERE.

Hillsborough polling locations - click HERE.

Monroe Township polling locations - click HERE.

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