Governor Phil Murphy's 2.7 billion dollar budget jump over last year calls for a plan where students will not have to pay for community college. There's no free lunch and there's no free community college. Why on earth should we taxpayers pay for that? If someone wants to attend college that should be their decision on their dime. It should not be the obligation of the state to provide it.

As someone who attended Brookdale Community College, I cannot tell you enough about how getting the airtime on WBJB-FM helped me get where I am today. But it was my parents money that made that happen. When you're paying for it, you want it more. For every student taking advantage of this opportunity, there will be students who are just taking advantage. Those who still don't know what they're going to do with their lives when they graduate high school and are just killing time. Those students could be a waste of a seat which could turn the more serious atmosphere of college into advanced high school.

There are all kinds of financial aid available for those who want to go to college. Those serious about attending should do what it takes to take advantage of them. The New Jersey budget should be all about running New Jersey. Next thing you know, Murphy will want to give aid to those who are not legally here. Oh yeah, I forgot....

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