Do you remember way back when, when Gov. Phil Murphy was elected? Do you remember one of the things he said while on the campaign trail? In case you forgot, he said that he dreamed of turning New Jersey into the "California of the East Coast."

Now, that was all part of Murphy's progressive ideals. Higher taxes for millionaires, legal weed, becoming a sanctuary state and more Democratic, liberal desires. All of them (sort of, more on that later) came to be.

But how can you REALLY know if our beloved Garden State is turning into the sunny, waterless California if you haven't actually been to Cali to see the difference for yourself?

Well, lucky for you, I went to Los Angeles about two weeks ago and lived to tell the tale. I got to see a lot of beautiful things, and some not-so-beautiful things during my stay out there.

For example, the weather there is supposed to always be nice, right? WRONG. My first full day in LA, it poured, and I mean POURED. That was East Coast level rain we experienced. Our tour guide a few days later told us that was the most rain they have had in two years. TWO YEARS! So much for sunny and nice all the time.

Not to mention, this torrential downpour happened on my fricken birthday of all days. Welcome to your quarter-life crisis, Sam. You wanted to get away from all your stress in sunny California? Sike, here's some rain to start your trip.

Never mind that rant on rain. I can confidently tell you that New Jersey will never be like LA (I guess I can't speak for all of California since I only went to that general area. I mean, come on. You've seen a map, that state is huge).

Here's why.

Why New Jersey will never be the new California

Gov. Murphy wanted to make New Jersey the California of the East Coast. Here's a fun, first-hand look as to why that will never happen.

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