While New Jersey voted for Hilary Clinton by a margin of 55% to 41%, something has changed since the election of 2016. The economy. Remember what Bill Clinton's campaign manager said during his campaigns in the 1990s, it's the economy stupid! Three years ago enough people here in New Jersey, a traditional Democrat stronghold, were too nervous to vote for an untested, unstable candidate like Donald Trump. But ask yourself, is New Jersey more of a Donald Trump state or a Hilary Clinton state?

Tuesday night's rally in Wildwood has drawn overwhelming, record-breaking requests for tickets and accommodations. Even though the electorate usually favors Democrats, thanks mostly to big government and public union votes, the people here want people to tell it like it is. We favor candor over spin. We spot a phony a mile away. Say what you will about Trump's persona, he's vulgar, narcissistic, immature, brash and he tweet's like a partisan troll.

That may all be true, but he's not the fascist, racist dictator the left warned that he would be. And he really loves America. Many New Jerseyans, despite the high number of those with college degrees, love America too. They see him doing the right things for the country and they see him under constant attack by the other side and the media. People in New Jersey like straight talk and they'll stick up for someone they see as getting treated unfairly.

Just like people here in the northeast like to point to the dopes in middle America who voted for Trump, there is a core of people in New Jersey who like what he's doing, especially his sticking his thumb in the eye of the perceived establishment. Despite what his opposition and the media have thrown at him since the day he took office, he inexplicably seems to get stronger with each passing month of his term. He will draw record crowds in Wildwood Tuesday night on a cold night, in a sparsely populated corner of a blue state, because he fights. And New Jersey likes fighter.

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