I’ve spent the better part of my media career making sure that law enforcement members get the recognition they deserve.

The anti-cop sentiment pushed by so-called journalists and celebrities is dangerous and a threat to public safety. What’s worse is the aggressive action taken by politicians to enact public policy that makes the job of LEOs more difficult: Bail reform, sanctuary state policies, illegals getting drivers licenses and balancing budgets on the backs of LEOs instead of cutting wasteful special interest spending.

Thursday, Jan 9 is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and I invited two of our state's leading voices for law enforcement on the show: Pete Stilianessis, who recently was re-elected to lead the NJ State Troopers NCO Association for another term, and longtime New Jersey PBA President Pat Colligan.

Truthfully I couldn’t have made the point about support Law Enforcement any better. Thank you to all of the men and women who get up every day to protect the rest of us. Remember. There is a thin line between civilization and savagery, and that line is blue.


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