If you are a law abiding American hoping to secure a safe and prosperous future for yourself and your family then you are most likely gonna agree with me.

The courageous officers and agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are working hard every day to secure our communities by removing criminal aliens. They work within the structure of our laws in the same way our New Jersey State Troopers apprehend and hold dangerous suspects. Unfortunately, ICE has to do their job amidst an onslaught from progressive anti-border progressives like Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and Governor Phil Murphy.

Murphy and Grewal have established policy in New Jersey that has made us a "sanctuary state" for criminal aliens. You have heard me talking about this for a while, and most recently an accused child rapist was let go from the Cumberland County jail because the warden thought it was better to follow the ignorant and dangerous sanctuary policy of the AG's office instead of thinking about public safety. Literally letting an accused child predator out of jail right before ICE agents arrived to collect the perp and follow the lawful detainer order against him.

The hope in New Jersey is that the courts will reign in the reckless and lawless behavior of the Attorney General by following Florida's lead. Judge Beth Bloom recently ruled that the new state law banning 'sanctuary cities' must be upheld. Local Law Enforcement has to hold accused criminal aliens for an additional 48 hours to give ICE a chance to come and collect the perps.

One of the heroes of this ongoing war for the right to protect our borders and our communities from criminal aliens is the Acting ICE Director, a Jersey guy, Matthew Albence.

Director Albence joined me on the morning show to shed light on the fact that ICE is targeting criminals, not crime victims. This, of course, contradicts the absurd contention of far Left radicals like Grewal who pretend that ICE is looking to round up victims of domestic violence simply because they reported a crime. It's absurd, it's untrue and its dangerous anti-law enforcement rhetoric that could get an LEO killed.

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