Now that our U.S. Senator is officially running for President, we can share more of his hypocritical, phony nonsense with the rest of the country and the world! His latest taste of Booker Buffoonery came in an interview with VegNews, a vegan magazine.

You just can't make this up. Like most hard-core ideologues, he surrounds himself and spends most of his time exchanging ideas and conversations with people who think just like him. Or in his case also people who wouldn't dare challenge his thoughts, no matter how moronic and ridiculous.

He claimed in his interview that the planet cannot sustain its meat eating ways or we are doomed. He doesn't want to lecture America on its eating habits, but he'd like to introduce us to vegan alternatives that taste great. All of his friends like them, he says. I guess he's already written off winning in states like Texas or any of the other states that would laugh him off the stage with that line of campaigning. The most incredible quote of Cory's is when he talks about eating eggs. He said that eating eggs "didn't align with my spirit". What?! Eating eggs would seem cruel or unthinkable but he's for aborting human babies up until the point of birth?! That doesn't seem to align with logic or humanity or common sense. In January 2018 he voted against a bill that would have prevented such action. But I digress.

Cory Booker has only started to spread his outrageous, out of touch lunacy to the rest of the country. He's well educated, handsome, articulate, a minority. All he has to do is not act or sound like an idiot and he's be golden. Just make sense, relate to the average American and promise to protect their right to be free from government tyranny and make an honest living and he'd have a chance. But no, that would be normal. That would be against who Cory Booker really is, a nut case of the highest order. We're only at the beginning of Cory's "journey" to spread his ideas to the rest of the country. Please stay tuned. This is going to be hilarious!

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