My brother recently moved his wife and three of his four children and his grandson out of New Jersey. One of his kids was already in the Carolinas and that's where he's headed. They're moving into a brand new five-bedroom house in a golf course development with five pools and 27 holes of golf.

Their property taxes will be around $2,000. A YEAR!

That seems to be one of the main complaints from people who finally pull the plug and move to greener pastures.

Of course, when you live in a state where people RE-ELECT a governor who says, "if taxes are your main issue, this is probably not the state for you.

Getty Images/ Townsquare Media illustration
Getty Images/ Townsquare Media illustration

My brother is like so many other productive, law-abiding, hardworking tax paying citizens who have had enough. The politics, the taxes, the weather, etc., all eventually take their toll on people.

I already have a son in North Carolina. He and his wife moved there for job opportunities and they love it there.

It's hard to see the people you love move so far away. It's also hard to see people who rely on a system that you pay for with HIGH TAXES get stuff for free while you work so hard to pay for what you get. Talk to anyone who works in social services or health care and you'll get a first-hand account of exactly what I mean.

It seems here in New Jersey following the rules will get you a big bill and being irresponsible or chronically "underprivileged" gets you rewarded. At one time it was a privilege just to be here in this country and to take advantage of the opportunities we have here. Now the vultures in government take advantage of those of us who manage to do OK.

Here are the top five reasons people move out of New Jersey.

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