As I’ve been saying for years, term limits already exist. They’re called elections. My friend Rep. Chris Smith, who has been a strong leader and advocate for New Jersey residents for the past four decades, is my main example of why I don’t support limits. Chris has worked tirelessly for his constituents since being elected to Congress in 1981. His latest victory is Sami’s Law, a smart piece of legislation that may actually save lives.

Originally, I was opposed to the idea of requiring ride-share drivers to have a display sign, mainly concerned about the high possibility of fraud. But the legislation, which provides for QR codes to match drivers and riders, is sensible and smart. I especially like the idea of putting a burden on the rider to make sure they are getting into the right car before they do.

Smith shared with us on Friday the frightening stats about how many young women have been assaulted after getting ride shares. Sami’s parents, Seymour and Marci Josephson from Robbinsville, are huge drivers of the legislation and worked closely with Smith throughout the process. Of course our thoughts and prayers are with this brave family as they continue to move forward following the truly unthinkable tragedy of losing a child.

Thank you, Congressman Smith for giving them and Sami a voice. Because of Smith's continued leadership, I cannot get behind any arbitrary limit to terms for members of Congress. It’s just gotta be up to the voters to turn out and keep the right people in office and throw out the ones who are in the office only to serve their own ambitions. Off the top of my head, I can think of one smiling New Englander in Trenton who fits the bill …

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