It's a real question.

I've already signed up to get the background check to see if I qualify as an Uber driver.

I love to drive as you know, and although I don't have a lot of downtime, I think this could be a great exercise.

Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash
Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash

Meeting people in a one-on-one situation with a few minutes to converse candidly. Way different from giving speeches or doing a broadcast.

The conversation started with the report that many uber drivers are thinking about striking over what they claim is a lack of pay.

For the most part, callers who drive for Uber were mostly positive about the company and the pay. Some were annoyed that the fees have risen dramatically over the past couple of years but still they drive for the extra cash.

Uber Agrees To Pay 70,000 UK Drivers A Minimum Wage, Holiday Pay And Pensions
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I did learn that New Jersey Uber drivers can pick up fares in PA and DE, but not New York. This presents a problem for New Jersey riders who need to get to LaGuardia or JFK.

We're hearing that many rides are canceled as soon as the driver checks in for the pickup. It makes sense because if the driver takes 2 hours to get you to JFK and is prevented from picking up a return fare, they are essentially off the clock for two hours on the return with zero compensation for the gas and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Not sure this is something that the governor of NJ can influence, but it seems that a conversation with Uber and the New York governor would make sense to right this wrong.

Here's the compromise, NJ drivers can take an NJ call and drop at the NYC airports then pick up a return fare as long as the destination is in the Garden State.

Makes sense to me, how about you?

And should I drive?

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