Why do people leave their cars unlocked, often with the key fob still inside?

Police have been baffled by this behavior for years, and issued regular reminders to lock your car. After a rash of recent car thefts in Westfield, Police Chief Christopher Battiloro underscored unlocked vehicles with keys or key fobs inside remain the key contributing factors in nearly every single vehicle theft.

Police are again urging residents to take appropriate action to protect your property. Even if you car is in your driveway. Or at the golf course.

There have been a number of reports of high end vehicles being stolen from country clubs in Middlesex and Union counties. Echo Lake Country Club sent out an alert to members after an unlocked vehicle was stolen from the parking lot. CBS2 reports it was a 2019 Land Rover was with $35,000 worth of personal property inside and was had been left unlocked with the key fob still inside. Vehicles at The Plainfield Country Club in Edison have also reportedly been targeted.

Law enforcement agencies across New Jersey are again urging people not to make it easy for thieves. Not only are the vehicles stolen, but many vehicles have garage door openers either built-in. That could grant crooks access to your home.

Despite the warnings, there has been an increase in the number of unlocked vehicles stolen. Westfield reports 17 vehicle thefts so far this year.

The bottom line, police say, lock you car. Take the keys. Don't leave valuables inside. Ever.

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