Police in at least two towns are issuing renewed warnings not to leave your car unlocked as a stolen vehicle ring continues to target parts of Monmouth County.

All of the the cars that were stolen, had their keys of fobs left inside. Holmdel Police posted on Facebook "These suspects have ONLY stolen cars that were unlocked, with the key-fobs inside." The car thieves are apparently skipping over locked cars, including a Ferrari that was parked on the street.

Jackson Police issued a similar warning after three cars were stolen on Monday. The PD posted on Facebook: "A resident reported that he had received a Ring alert on his phone several minutes earlier and saw 2 unidentified males walk up his driveway, enter his 2018 Dodge Durango and drive away with it. It was reported that the key fob had been left in the vehicle overnight."

Car thefts and break-ins have been a growing problem in many New Jersey communities with municipal police departments issuing frequent warnings. In many case, thieves are not interested in stealing the car, they are looking for money and other valuables. The State Police Uniform Crime Report listed 435 auto thefts in Monmouth County in 2020.

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