WAYNE — A diner is taking heat from parents whose kids were charged a "teen tax" for after school visits.

Parent Melissa Desch told CBS New York that she was alerted by her 11-year-old daughter that a gratuity had been automatically added to her check for a milkshake. She knew her mother had eaten there earlier in the day but was not charged a gratuity.

Desch was upset that even after the gratuity was added there was a message on her receipt that tips are appreciated.

Co-owner Nick Tsambounieris told NorthJersey.com that he likes kids but they have done damage to the restaurant. His lawyer, Greg Donnelly, pointed out that the menu notes that "management reserves the right to add an 18 percent gratuity" and said teen groups of 20 or 30 kids don't always leave a tip.

Former server Erika Carty explained in a comment on the diner's Facebook page that teens can be frustrating to have as customers.

"I can personally attest to how frustrating it is to have a group of 6 to 8 teens, walk in, take up 2 or 3 tables, order something for a dollar, sit at those tables for a couple of hours, then leave a mess and no tip. Good for the restaurant," Carty wrote.

Desch said she and several other parents are boycotting the diner over the gratuity.

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