A strong personality doesn't necessarily make for strong policy.

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Given New Jersey's reputation it's no surprise that both Gov. Chris Christie and Donald Trump are outspoken on immigration.

Billionaire real estate tycoon Trump says his plan to confront America's illegal immigration problem is to make Mexico pay for a wall along our border. He would also enforce a nationwide e-verification system, overturn the law that grants U.S. citizenship to kids born to parents unlawfully in the country, and deport 11 million aliens.

Unlike Trump, Christie would have the U.S. pay for fencing and walling along parts of the border. He'd also bolster existing patrol teams with FBI, ATF, and DEA agents who he says are better equipped to handle gun and drug running situations. He'd then use drones and other electronic surveillance tools to determine where human resources can be used more effectively.

However, the most important part of Christie's plan, he says, is e-verification of employees, and fines for businesses who hire illegals.

“I would make the fines so large that any profit they made is not only wiped out, but then some," Christie said during an interview on CNN's New Day. "Absolutely. You have to do it, because otherwise, people are going to continue to keep coming. Because if they believe they're going to be employed, they’ll continue to come and they’ll find ways to come, and it’ll be much more difficult to stop them."

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