Well, in case you haven't paid attention to the upcoming governor's race in New Jersey, somebody named Phil Murphy has a 19 point lead.

I predicted TWO years ago, when absolutely no one heard of him outside his circle of very rich friends, that he would be elected. He's been quietly laying the groundwork for a few years now. Floating ads and phony progressive propaganda all over the internet, AND getting the support of all of the public sector unions. That's the key!

No one outside government union workers knows or cares anything about this guy. But he promised to undo all of the "horrible" things Christie did to them in his eight years in office.

I think Chris Christie was a huge disappointment, but certainly not for trying to fix the broken public pension system. Lots of other people are mad at Christie too, so they'll let the pendulum swing back the other way and vote for a Democrat because they're mad. Emotion, but not much thought.

I don't know if Kim Guadagno will be much better than Christie, but she's not promising to raise taxes $1.3 BILLION! The residents of this state are in such a state of apathetic delusion that they'll go for a guy who PROMISES to raise taxes that much! It reminds me of this scene from the movie Animal House.

In a state where the property taxes are highest in the nation and we're among the highest taxed overall, how can a guy who promises this much more pain be 19 points ahead? There aren't enough public workers in NJ, percentage or otherwise, to account for this. Not even if you factor in their close family.

They would be the only people, other than maybe people living off the system, who would benefit. I've seen this movie before with Corzine. It may benefit a small percentage of residents but for the rest of us and the overall economy it looks disastrous. It's like being warned of a category 5 hurricane and no one is running to Lowe's for plywood, generators or bottled water. WTF?!

I'd love to get our listeners/readers' take on it.

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