As I predicted two years ago, Phil Murphy will be elected governor this coming November. Bet on it.

He has the support of all of the government unions who feel betrayed by Christie and they want assurances that they'll be made whole again. Murphy is their best hope.

He is not the best hope for the rest of us.

He's peddling the usual socialist, utopian programs of free goodies that makes visions of sugar plums dance in the heads of child like voters who don't seem to know where the money comes from.

I'm a big fan of community college. I sent all three of my kids there for much less money than four year schools. I guess he's banking on most of the electorate to buy his into his idea that he is Santa and all us kids just get free stuff from his benevolence and generosity.

But who will pay for this "free" college scheme? You and I will, unless he plans to pay for it out of the fortune he amassed working for Goldman Sachs.

We're all disappointed or angry with the way Christie worked out for us here in New Jersey. I've said it before. Wait til chubby pulls his fat thumb out of the dike. We are all gonna get drenched.

The new guy, Murphy, has a big toothy smile, kind words for everyone, and plans that will soak us worse than Super Storm Sandy. Bet on it!

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