Moms are their own worst enemies when it comes to stress.

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That's according to a new survey which finds that 75 percent of mothers say the pressure they put on themselves to be perfect is worse than the pressure they feel from other moms. About 72 percent of those surveyed also admitted they stress about being stressed.

"We're feeling a tremendous amount of pressure to be the best in everything we want to be. Whether it's being a mom, our professional career, taking care of the children and juggling their activities with housework and all the things that need to be done, it just doesn't seem like there's enough time for moms to do things for themselves and that's where the stress comes in. It's important to get some exercise, have some quiet time to regroup and not be stressed," said Tracey Serebin, New Jersey Family Coach.

So, what can moms do to find that time?

"Moms are on a constant treadmill. As soon as they get up, they're helping with the kids and trying to do everything for them and rushing from one place to the next. It's often difficult for moms to find the time to just go out for a run and clear their head. Then at night, when they get into bed, they're too tired to even make that list of the next day's activities or errands," said Serebin.


Tips for Busy Moms

"I often recommend to busy moms that they find a mothers helper who can take care of the kids for a couple of hours here and there to allow mom to get away to run errands without the kids, maybe sit down and have a cup of coffee and regroup or get some activity in. It's so difficult to find that time sometimes, but even a few minutes or an hour or two helps."

Creative outlets that make moms feel better and inspire them are important.

"They give so much of themselves that there's no real chance to re-energize and regroup and gain that inspiration back and help them keep going and not be as stressed," said Serebin. "Having time to make a list can keep a busy mom on track too."

Having children on a routine can also help.

"Routines are huge for young kids and having them on a routine makes them more comfortable and less likely to have conflicts during the day. That, of course, can be less stressful on mom as well," she said.