If you're a Giants fan like I am, we've had a lot to endure the last few weeks.

First, we're brought up by an unexpected 9-7-1 season, followed by a playoff win over the Minnesota Vikings. Then, it all comes crashing down, and I so mean crashing down with a capital C, as our team gets demolished by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Those same Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. How does that make you feel?

Now there are two ways of looking at this: One way is to be the good loser and wish them and their fans, many of whom you probably know if you live in Central Jersey, the best. You might even root for the Eagles to win the Big Game to also get a win for the NFC, or, more specifically, the NFC East, which is the division where the two teams play.

(Photo: Tim Nwachukwu, Getty Images)
(Photo: Tim Nwachukwu, Getty Images)

On the other side of that coin toss is the fact that if you're a true Giants fan, these are the Philadelphia friggin' Eagles!!! The team that brought us Miracle of the Meadowlands, Miracle of the Meadowlands II, and countless other "miracles" in all the stadiums that they've played each other in.

For some reason, the Eagles have always had the Giants' number, and that number is usually less than the number they put up at the end of the game. If you're a Giants fan, with all that you've endured at the hands of both the Philadelphia Eagles as well as their fans, how can you possibly root for this team under any circumstances? What's next, Cowboy love?

I was shocked by the fact that the Empire State Building was lit up in green! No wonder so many people are moving out of that town.

Personally, as hard as it is for me to say, I believe the Eagles will beat the Chiefs next Sunday, Feb. 12; but I will not be cheering in front of my television or singing "Fly Eagles Fly on the road to victory". BTW — how do you fly down a road? Asking for a friend.

I polled my fellow Giants fans to see what they think:

I would never think about rooting for the Eagles
Jon Mazzochi

(Photo: Joshua Hoehne, Unsplash, Canva)
(Photo: Joshua Hoehne, Unsplash, Canva)

I'd root for the Devil himself against the Eagles
Nick Palumbo Sr.

I’m happy for my friends in Philly. During the regular season? Hell no!!
Bob DiSogra

(Photo: Benjamin Hershey, Dave Adamson, Unsplash, Canva)
(Photo: Benjamin Hershey, Dave Adamson, Unsplash, Canva)

As a Mets watching the Phillies in the World Series. Can Philadelphia go 0-2 in the big games?
Butch Budai

They are the luckiest team in the NFL no question
Steve Janetta

Perhaps, now, the Giants organization will invest in an offensive line
Craig Stanton

(Photo: Taylor Brandon, Unsplash, Canva)
(Photo: Taylor Brandon, Unsplash, Canva)

I can't root for the eagles. And im a cowboy fan
Adam Feinberg

Screw the eagles
Domenick Stellato

Rooting for the AFC team. Cannot root for any NFC East team besides the Giants
Stephen Rothandler

(Photo: Tim Nwachukwu, Getty Images)
(Photo: Tim Nwachukwu, Getty Images)

No Way, The Worst Fans
Joe Graci

No we aren't the worst fans, New York fans are
Debbie White

Debbie White no one likes us we don't care hahahaha
Kitty Powell

If you are a giants fan you don’t have the mental capacity to understand that the Eagles are in the SuperBowl.
Bob Christopher

(Photo: Tommy Kwak, Unsplash, Canva)
(Photo: Tommy Kwak, Unsplash, Canva)

Sure why not ? We are in Eagles country down here at the shore!
Cindy Zwicker

I live in Mercer county. Lots of eagle fans. I like the hype it creates. People are in party mode and happy.
John Skinski

I’ll root for whoever wins me money
Anthony Barberio

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