Dennis and Judi always have people dropping by the studio but today they had an extra special guest. If you were a fan of the iconic 80's movies like 'Stand By Me' or 'The Goonies' you will know who we're talking about right away.Remember actor Corey Feldman? Yeah, well, Corey couldn't make it but we were fortunate enough to have the lead singer of the Corey Feldman tribute band, Matt Kiger, drop in to have some fun with Dennis and Judi.

Ok, in case you were wondering, there really isn't a Corey Feldman tribute band (not that we know of anyway) but our co-worker Matt Kiger from Townsquare Media's Digital Strategy team is a dead ringer for him in this picture, no?

Corey Feldman and Matt Kiger

What celebrities do you get mistaken for? Leave a comment below.


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