Comic actor Tracy Morgan lives in Alpine and he’s certainly not hurting for money. The former 30 Rock star recently had a fender bender with another Jersey resident in NYC. The scrape wasn’t serious but the car’s price tag was. A $2 million Bugatti. A video of Morgan getting out of his damaged dream car was posted on Twitter.

He’s heard yelling, “It’s a two million dollar car! Just bought it!” Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. But I’m sure if you can afford to buy it you can afford to fix it. When Morgan says he just bought it, he was not exaggerating. TMZ reported it was a 2012 Bugatti Veyron that he acquired literally 15 minutes prior to the accident. They say it was purchased at Manhattan Motorcars.

BuzzFeed News reported a call came in to the NYPD at 1:20pm. The accident happened at 42nd Street and Tenth Avenue. Police say Morgan’s car and a Honda CR-V slightly “rubbed” each other as both drivers moved at a green light. $2 million! That’s a Tenth Avenue freezout for sure! New York Post reported that the Honda belongs to a Jersey City woman.

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