I wonder if at first she was afraid, she was petrified. After all, selling a mansion is a big deal. That’s exactly what disco era’s Gloria Gaynor decided to do. The singer of the hit song I Will Survive was born in Newark, NJ but has owned a $1.4 million mansion in Somerset County since 1999.

I don’t know where she plans on living next, but it won’t be there in Green Brook. The 8,000 square foot estate is listed for sale on realtor.com. The five bedroom home features an atrium, enclosed pool and home theater along with a walk-in closet in every single bedroom.

She should have changed that stupid lock, she should have made us leave our key because we’re going to let you inside. Take a look at the mansion of a disco goddess in the photo gallery.

At 71 she’s still going strong. She’s not that chained up little person still in love with you. In fact she’s getting ready to tour in Spain, Italy and Turkey. One might say she has all her life to live and that she will survive.

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