If you were a guy with stage four pancreatic cancer would you have the desire or the energy to go out and rent costumes and wear them through all 54 chemotherapy treatments? I don't know a lot of people who would, but this is our friend DJ Cohen we're talking about!

Someone who has endeared himself to us because of his take-no-prisoners attitude toward his cancer. I like to post the costumes he wears just to show you that if a guy going through this can be this fun and playful, then we can all deal with the everyday problems and struggles we have. Here's what he wore recently.

(DJ Cohen)

We've called him an inspiration and it almost sounds like a cliché at this point but there's just no other way to describe a guy like this. He's happy, funny, energetic and doesn't just wear the costumes for himself but also to amuse and bring cheer to all of his fellow patients in the chemo ward at Sloan-Kettering.

I hope none of us ever has to go through something like this but if we do I pray to have the smile and infectious positivity that this guy does. Can't wait to have him in studio again!

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