Have you decided what you're dressing up as for Halloween? Here are some suggestions of Jersey people that could make great costumes from my social media.

Garth H. Raymond: "Chris Christie on the beach"

Thomas Mongelli: "Uncle Floyd"

Robert Pisani: "Pauly Walnuts"

Carolyn Dee: "The Jersey Devil"

Rick Burckhardt: "Lou Costello"

John J. Bossong III: "The Toxic Avenger"

Kevin D. Hill: "Zombie Frank Sinatra"

Frank Ralston: "Snooki"

Gene Zellman: "Tony Soprano"

Russell Bien: "TAYLOR HAM & cheese sandwich"

Rick Verso - "Jack Nicholson"

Rick Burckhardt: "Jim Florio. I'll dress up as a runny egg."

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