Hardly anywhere in New Jersey is safe from the possibility of the deer/car collision; unless you travel through Newark; where there’s always the possibility of getting carjacked.

But where are you most likely to get into a collision with a deer, and how many times have you had a collision with what some call “pine rats?”

Many times it’s unavoidable to hit one, especially when one seems to come out of nowhere. That was the problem this 65-year-old woman had, as she couldn't avoid hitting one in Bernardsville.

According to this:

A deer ran out into the middle of the road Friday night, causing a 65-year-old woman to crash her vehicle while slamming into the deer, police said.

Just before 8 p.m. on Friday, Judith Phillips, of Far Hills, was driving north on Mine Brook Road near Douglass Road when a deer ran out into the roadway, causing her to strike the deer, according to a Bernardsville Police incident report prepared by Ptlm. Steven Seiple.

Phillips, 65, was driving a red 2011 Subaru Outback, which sustained damage to the front driver's side bumper and quarter panel, the report said.

Bernardsville Police Lt. Demmings Hoadley said Phillips was not injured during the crash, but the deer was killed.

No kidding! Or at the very least, the deer would have been severely injured, in which case the cops would had to have been called out to take it out of its misery.

The last time I hit a deer, it too came out of nowhere, hitting my windshield. Lucky for me the windshield didn’t shatter, but it did take out my side view mirror, and put a nice dent in the driver’s side door.

When I hit it, I saw it bounce off the car and land in the middle of the road. What happened to it later on is anybody’s guess.

So when I got home that night and told the story to my wife, telling her about the deer laying in the middle of the road, her first response to me was, “…so you didn’t get out of the car to see if it was alright?”

Priorities definitely screwed up.

Where are you most likely to hit a deer; and what was the worst deer collision you’ve had?

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