Lots of millennials from New Jersey look forward to moving into the city: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Philly, maybe Hoboken or now Jersey City.

You don't need a car. There's plenty of things to do right in your neighborhood. You can take public transit to work (how cool, unless you've done it every day) or take your bike(remember how you curse at cyclists when you drive) and there are brew pubs on every block. OK that's better. But these places can still be unaffordable and it's still cold, only now, you pay for the heat.

So maybe that's why New Jersey is hemorrhaging millennials. Their number has grown nationwide by 6.8 percent our state saw a drop in that demographic by 2.4 percent during the same first 13 years of this century.

All three of my kids are millennials. Two have gone out of town to start their careers, and we are the type of family that rarely, if ever, see someone move to a different part of the country. My son, Greg, is in Charlotte, North Carolina and my daughter, Marissa, is in Fort Worth, Texas.

Both of those cities are booming. There are plenty of job opportunities, tons of activities and businesses geared to 20 somethings, every apartment complex has an awesome pool and it's warmer there! The South and the West are seeing great migrations of all ages flocking to low tax, more laid back states and away from the Northeast.

This past weekend I took yet another trip to see my daughter in Texas. I like it a little bit more each time I visit. We did stuff in both Ft. Worth and Dallas and we've been to a lot of other Texas towns on previous visits.

I'm not saying it's for everyone, but for young people who haven't put down their own roots yet, it's becoming a popular option...getting out of Jersey.

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