Mayor Christine Dansereau bypassed the Borough Council in her town and declared Roselle a "sanctuary city." All but one member of council had reservations about the executive order she signed last week, wondering about it's implications or legality or legitimacy.

Her order states that police and municipal employees will not participate in registering or reporting people to the feds based on their religion, race, national origin or the status of their immigration.


I guess she's playing on the fears of some who might be here illegally, but if they haven't been accused of or committed a crime there is nothing to fear. Also if they are not abusing government programs, no problemo. She's pandering to the 47 percent of the population that are immigrants, though the majority of them are probably here legally.

This kind of grandstanding, fear mongering and deceitful opposition to the law is hurtful to everyone. No one in the government has pledged to throw out all immigrants, and only asks that if municipal or state authorities are holding a person for a crime and they are wanted by federal authorities for an immigration violation that they cooperate with the federal government.

Hey, I would love to avoid paying my federal income taxes (after all it's my f#%&ing money) then ask my town to shield me from prosecution, but I doubt our local authorities are gonna tell them to screw off. That's what she's asking law enforcement in her town to do.

That's flat out wrong! And I bet most of the 47 percent of immigrants in her town who waited a long time, paid a lot of money and did it the legal way would agree!

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