Many New Jerseyans have taken advantage of the cool program called MoviePass, that charges you $9.99 per/month to see an unlimited amount of movies. It’s kind of like a Netflix except you get up and go to the theater.

It’s been wildly successful and so much so that apparently some theaters are actually losing revenue from it. Let’s face it, if you pay 10 bucks a month and can see 20 movies a month, that doesn’t work out well for the bottom line of a movie theater. Some big theaters in big cities have even opted out of the MoviePass system.

I still think it’s a great way to get people into theaters since movie theater audiences have been shrinking consistently year after year after year. So we put it to our listeners does anybody actually go to the movies anymore? And why or why not?

While I would’ve thought it was mostly older people who still go, it turns out there are people of all ages still enjoying the entire movie theater experience. Here, the listeners who responded tell us why or why not.

Anna, 57 - "I don’t go to the movies for political reasons. It just irks me to see these Hollywood stars and support them when I feel like they are contributing to what is wrong with society."

Robin, 56 - "I didn’t used to go to often, but now that I have MoviePass, I’ve seen many movies that have come out recently."

Charles, 40 - "There hasn’t been a good movie made in many years all of today’s movies or just bad. So I don’t go at all."

Kathy, 73 - "Yes I love the movies! It’s a great night out and a fun way to spend an evening."

Lawrence, 28 - "There is absolutely no creativity left in the movies. If there’s anything worth seeing (and that’s rare) watch it on Netflix."

Kevin, 28 - "I realize I might be a little more picky because I’m a film major. But there is nothing worth going to see at the movies, so no, I don’t go."

Wayne, 61 - "Now that I have a fire stick, I really find no reason to go through the hassle and the expense of going to the movies. I can get every single movie for free even the ones that are still in theaters."

Matt, 25 - "Never. Who can afford to go to the movies?"

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