People might say it is a bit premature to judge Governor Murphy and to assess his approval ratings at this point, but I don’t think so.

Because I think that what Murphy is known for today is the exact same thing that he will be known for four years from now. Which isn’t much according to a Fairleigh Dickinson PublicMind poll, when people were asked the words they think of when they think of Murphy, they were not surprisingly neutral.

But the two things that people did know about Phil Murphy were his commitments to both legalize weed and to raise taxes. That's right. Weed & taxes.

For those who have higher hopes for Murphy, like anything to do with making it easier for the citizens of New Jersey to actually live here, I don’t think you should get your hopes up.

Phil Murphy came out of nowhere and will go back to that exact spot having accomplished two things in this state – one that is good for a few of us and one that is bad for all of us.

So remember those two things Murphy promised, for those will be his legacy. There’s a reason that you know nothing about Phil Murphy. He bought his way into the Governor's office the same way Jon Corzine did and will accomplish about the same. He doesn’t even pretend to want anything positive. We are but a stepping stone for his political aspirations.

He intends to paint a very pretty picture of New Jersey a multicultural, social engineered masterpiece. And then leave 99% of us in the dust. His policies will, however reap great rewards for big government.

And at the end of his tenure as Governor, what we will most certainly have left is this: A lot less New Jerseyans who can actually afford to live here, but a lot more weed and a lot more taxes. Mark my words.

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