There is a log cabin for sale in South Jersey said to be the oldest log cabin in the United States. says it was built in 1638 and is a national historic site. An article on explains the listed 1,800 square feet come from an upstairs addition done in the 1700’s. How crazy is it that the modern section of the house is a few centuries old?

A historical architect who evaluated the property at 406 Swedesboro Rd in Gibbstown says it is possibly the most important historic structure in all of South Jersey. Impressive. Yet it has some modern amenities like central air and public water and sewer without detracting from the museum like stature.

Are you sitting down for the price tag?

$1.75 million. That’s if you just want the house. If you want all the historic artifacts and furniture that can come with it that will be many hundreds of thousands extra.

That price is far beyond any assessed value as that doesn’t take into account the historic grandeur. It’s been up for sale for some time and at this price it would have to be someone whose heart was really in it. Perhaps a deal could be worked out for government officials to acquire this unique property for preservation purposes?

While I’m sure you’d have to stand inside it to truly breathe in the history, the photo gallery above will give you an excellent peek inside.

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