Obviously, breakfast cereal is a big business in New Jersey.

Recently, I was reading an article that says Millennials aren't that into "traditional" breakfast cereal. Feeling that it just gives them a sugar rush, rather than actual energy.

Does this spell doom for the cereal aisle as we know it?

Breakfast...by the bag. (Craig Allen photo)

That's (probably) premature.

A quick stroll down the cereal aisle of any New Jersey grocery store proves that the variety is practically...

"Fintastic." Now, your kid is ready for "Shark Week." (Craig Allen photo)


Debbie does cereal. (Craig Allen photo)

And, even...creative.

I hope some Flintstones Vitamins are included. (Craig Allen photo)

Apparently, cereal can mark any occasion...from birthdays...

Hurry...we're a few limited days after the 4th, already. (Craig Allen photo)

...to national holidays.

"C is for cinnamon." (Craig Allen photo)

Breakfast cereal can teach...in 2 languages...

"A box you can color." Are crayons included? (Craig Allen photo).

...and (even) entertain.

Finally: A box you can color. I've waited all my life.

Cereal for the coffee addict...me. (Craig Allen photo)

I'm getting sarcastic.  It must be a byproduct of the sugar rush.

I LOVE chocolate, but the following two offerings may be pushing it a bit:

"Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?" (Craig Allen photo)

Marshmallows...in chocolate milk? That's sweetness overkill, in my opinion.

"My Stars, Cap'N!" (Craig Allen photo)

Lose the "crunchberries"...add caramel.

Cereals come and go (alongside mainstays: corn flakes, oatmeal, and shredded wheat).

Sometimes, cereal ideas (concoctions?) deserve to be "Limited Edition."

I saw this one only once:

The box not-so-clearly says: "Artificially Flavored" (Craig Allen photo)

I snapped this picture 2 years ago...because no one would believe me, otherwise.

I didn't want to taste it then....and, obviously, I was not alone.

Limited Edition, indeed.

What's the weirdest cereal you've seen in your grocery aisle, New Jersey?

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