BLOOMINGDALE — A carving found at the bottom of the river has drawn attention from history buffs and local residents alike.

The image of a person seemingly wearing a crown was found "buried beneath the river bed" in Sloan Park, a post on the borough's Facebook page said. Mayor Jon Dunleavy told that the granite block was found during rehabilitation work at the park. He told the paper the stone is roughly 14 by 12 inches, but beyond that there are nothing but questions about the object.

"I have no idea what it could be," he said. "It is quite an extraordinary finding and the borough hopes to find out whit it actually is."

Dunleavy told the website he would have some historians investigate what it could be, and there was already plenty of speculation on the borough's Facebook page. One of the most popular theories on the post is that the stone is connected to a long defunct paper company that provided paper supplies to the British royal family.

Other possibilities floated on the post included other members of the royal family, possibly King Charles the II or King James II, and even Jesus. At least one person commenting on the post was not buying into the possible historical significance, saying it looks to be recently cut by a machine.

There was no other comment from the borough as of Sunday morning about what the object could be. reported that the park originally closed during Hurricane Irene, and is scheduled to reopen next year after the extensive renovation project is completed.

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