We have been incredibly lucky this winter with the absence of any major snow. That can all change tomorrow. Now when we get this far into a season with our old winter weather driving skills not being put to use, some may be a bit rusty. What's the one piece of advice you would give to the idiots you have to share the road with? I know some people seem to think all cars are the same, meaning the guy in the 4 x 4 seems to think the light weight rear wheel drive Mustang should drive just the same as him. He'll impatiently tailgate and speed past.

Perhaps that actually is your advice. Don't drive like a timid old lady. For me this is the worst advice of all. Mine would be the opposite. Drive slightly more cautiously than you think you probably need to. Give people a wide berth. Don't tailgate.

Or maybe you're the "snowhawk Nazi." Snowhawk is a term I invented to describe how people when trying to clear the snow off the roof of their car won't do a very good job and only do the easy to reach edges, leaving a mohawk of snow, or snowhawk, down the center. Does this move drive you crazy? Have you ever dodged a sheet of ice or chunk of snow that came flying off someone else's car?

Let us know what the dumbest driving move is in winter weather.

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