When the news emerged that a Glen Rock teenager was able to fend off an intruder with a baseball bat it got us thinking: What would you do if an intruder was in your home? That is, if you don't have a gun (which most New Jerseyans do not).

Listen, we here in New Jersey are nothing if not a crafty lot, so we have come up with some of the most imaginative weapons in the world. Some people use a wiffleball bat with a couple squirts of liquid nails weighing down the end. Their are others who have fashioned similar weapons using chair legs.

I started to feel left out that I had no weapon at the ready. I mean my house is equipped with a couple of fire extinguishers that are pretty weighty, and I knew that I could use either one of them to give a would- be intruder a pretty good beating if I had to.

But what about in my car? There's no baseball bat, billy club, or anything of the sort in my vehicle. But then..a brainstorm. I found something that can inflict a lot of damage on a bad guy if used in the right way.

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