Today is World Emoji Day and Apple is revealing what the most popular emojis are, and which new ones will be released.

The most popular three emojis are (in order):

Screengrab: Joe Votruba

Some of the new ones include emojis for disabled people, new animals, and the ability to change aspects of the holding hands emoji.

Photo courtesy of Apple
Photo courtesy of Apple
Photo courtesy of Apple

But what would a New Jersey emoji look like? Sure, you could go with the recognizable outline of the state, but that would be kind of boring. There are plenty of other symbols of the Great Garden State that be adapted to an emoji, like Pork Roll emoji or a Turnpike emoji. How about a lighthouse emoji, a tomato emoji, or a diner emoji. Maybe a salt water taffy emoji (although I don’t know anyone who actually likes salt water taffy), a Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, or Sinatra emoji. You could use a racetrack, casino, or gangster emoji. Of course, you could go with what many people consider the symbol of New Jersey: the middle finger!

Put your suggestion for a “New Jersey” emoji in the comments, please.

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