New Jersey is known for many things related to backyard or small farm produce. The three top products for me are peaches, corn and tomatoes.

Tomatoes are probably the most common for small farms and gardens in suburban backyards. We opted for cherry tomatoes this year and they are delicious. But nothing bets a garden-grown large Jersey tomato.

Thankfully, my good friend Peter, who owns the Ewing Diner, grows some of the juiciest, and tastiest tomatoes in the area. He dropped off a bunch of them for the morning show. We're all taking a few home.

For us, this will be the basis for a summer staple, the BLT. Bacon is delicious and salty. Not too crisp, just the right amount crisp, balanced with the right amount of chew. Then the crispy crunch of a fresh layer of iceberg lettuce. Then the slice of tomato.

(Townsquare Media photo)
(Townsquare Media photo)

For my BLT, I cut the tomato into small pieces and it's the first thing on the bread on top of the mayonnaise. That way, you eliminate the risk of a large tomato slice sliding out of the sandwich altogether. Bread. Mayo. Tomato. Lettuce. Then bacon and a top slice of bread.

I only make this during the summer in Jersey, because the "T" is the star.

Now you may have heard me say that I've taken all seed oils out of my diet. So instead of traditional mayo, I substitute with avocado oil mayo. Yes, it's great in a sandwich.

For the bread, either my wife's homemade sourdough or the outstanding bread from Amalfi's in Lawrenceville. As long as there are no preservatives and no seed oil, just flour, water, salt and some yeast. 

Send me pics from your garden and I'll do a Top 10 list of the best garden tomatoes in the Garden State!

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